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Kelsey Construction employs the most technologically advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) to construct any type of development. Whether it is commercial, residential or highway work, our advanced GPS systems help us construct your site in a timely, more accurate manor. No longer does a site construction crew have to wait for a surveyor to put stakes in the ground in order to do grading work.


Our grade control systems put a 3D topographic model into a computer right in the cab of each of our dozers. That computer then connects to the GPS system and tells the operator whether the ground needs to be raised or lowered at any given spot on any site with stunning accuracy. Control BoxThese systems give our operators the option of manual control, or automated control of the dozers. The automated control lets the onboard computer control the elevation of the dozer blade for increased accuracy. This technology saves us time and manpower, which in turn helps our clients’ complete sites in less time and with extremely accurate finished grades.